Pallando Pallando, also known as Pallando the Blue and Rómestámo, was one of the five Istari that were sent to Middle-earth to aid the free peoples in their struggle against Sauron. He was taken to Middle-earth at the bidding of Alatar, another Istar who took him as a friend.

Pallando and Alatar (known as the Blue Wizards for the sea-blue robes) traveled to the east of Middle-earth with Curumo (Saruman the White) to aid some men and subdue others, primarily the Easterlings and Southrons who worshipped Sauron, and whose numbers were steadily increasing. Saruman later returned to the West, but Pallando along with Alatar stayed behind.

Other than this, not much is positively known about Pallando or Alatar, but it is thought that Pallando most likely failed his mission eventually. However, in Tolkien's later years he provided an alternate name for the wizard, Rómestámo, or "Helper of the East". Here it is thought that rather than fail his mission altogether, Pallando perhaps had the opposite fate, and he and Alatar may have in fact played some crucial role in the War of the Ring and in the victory of the Army of the West, unnoticed but significant.

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